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Didim Chamber of Commerce
We are registered to Chamber of Commerce of Didim, Company No : 3505




Buyers Guide

Foreigners may purchase property and land in Turkey under their own name, however there are some areas where they are not allowed to buy.

   Once a property has been found and the price agreed with the seller, a sales agreement will be drawn up at a solicitor's office. The solicitor will check everything and that building licenses and permissions are all in order.

   The agreement will be translated from Turkish into English by the legal translator. All parties involved will sign the agreement, the buyer, the seller, the solicitor and translator and copies will be taken for all parties, including for our records. A photocopy of your passport will be taken and two passport photos of the person whose name(s) will appear on the deeds should be provided.

   A deposit of 10 - 15 % will be payable at this time. Travelers cheques are accepted but foreign cheques will not be accepted. The solicitor arranges for the paperwork to be sent to the Title Deed office for transfer of the property into your name. They in turn send the photocopies, photos and title deeds to the military base for military checks. (These checks would be rejected if you have a criminal record for a serious offence, are a declared bankrupt or are on the FBI/Interpol wanted list.) Once these checks have been cleared, the contracts are signed, and the balance of the monies paid. If you have however signed a paper giving us power of attorney to act on your behalf, we can complete transactions in your name, but your name and picture will be on the title deed. On the specified date of transfer for the deeds, all parties go to the Title Deeds office and complete the paperwork, and the title deeds are transferred into your name .