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About Altinkum

2.jpg   Didim is shaped as a peninsula surrounding Mugla on the east coast with huge inlet of Akbuk town, Aegean sea on the west and east coast, Lake Bafa and the Menderes River on the northern coast. 106 km's to Aydin provenience, 53 km' to Soke town, 73 km's to Kusadasi, 110 km's to Bodrum. Spread to 300 km2. of area. 15 years ago, the people from large cities around Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir first came to Altinkum ("altin: gold" + "kum:sand") and started to build their own summer houses, holiday homes. when Turkey's economy started to decline those people found very hard to survive in the big cities most of the summer house owners who were mainly retired people have decided to move into the small resorts such as Altinkum.

   The location of today's Didim used to take part around the Apollo temple at the ancient Didyma town. they called the area "Yoran" (name derives from Yeuwani) until the biggest earthquake in 1955-1956. which used to look like "castle". but just after the earthquake government supported locals and build them modern concrete houses down on the south west part of the old civilization later on called "Yenihisar", meaning "yeni: new" + "hisar: castle".

3.jpg   People of Yenihisar used to go to Soke for their weekly shopping and Akkoy used to be the biggest town of those days. But just after tourism, the place itself have turned into a rapidly growing holiday resort for tourists. the unfertile tobacco fields derived ancient Didyma (meaning twins remarkable at the temple of Apollo Artemisia and Apollo twin sister and brothers) became very dear and poor owners of those fields are now businessmen (most of them) owner of their hotels, restaurants and bars, etc.. The name was changed into "Didim" which is one and only in Turkey including a large area in its borders with the towns and villages leading to it became the town centre.

   Today's Didim as rapidly growing holiday resort completely different than what it used to be 10-15 years ago welcoming large population of tourists with its beautiful beaches, ancient towns, culture, climate from all over the world. but comparing to the big tourist resorts like Bodrum, Kusadasi it's not been spoiled we can say. most of the infrastructure work have done by last winter which we expect no more flooding of rain water in Altinkum and better main roads have finished including pedestrian walk paths by the beach.

4.jpg   Local market of Didim is held on Saturdays can be visit by local transport between Altinkum - town centre, runs in every 5 minutes or take a walk for 25 minutes. You can discover the beaches, natural coves and bays by boat trips better, organised daily from the harbour in summer season which starts beginning of May. water sports, diving courses, fishing tours also available. Didim itself very close to ancient towns and natural wonders comparing to most of the holiday resorts of Turkey. You can discover the area itself by local travel agents who have organised tours to Lake Bafa, Akköy village, Didyma - Miletos - Priene, Söke Market, Kusadasi Market, Bodrum, Ephesus - Virgin Mary's house, Pamukkale, Aphrodisias, Dalyan, etc...

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